A – About me I’m a self-employed driving instructor running my own driving school business.

B – You need to be Bovered – Learning to drive is expensive no matter who you go with, but the right attitude will save you money.

C – Cancelling – I need 48 hours (preferably more) notice if you want to cancel or move a lesson. My diary is usually ‘chocca’ and I could be denying another pupil the opportunity for a slot they desperately want. If the DSA cancel a test less than 24hours before, your lesson fee is still payable to me. You may be able to claim this back from the DSA. I can’t be held responsible for tests or lessons cancelled by the DSA or as a result of bad weather.

D – Disability – You must declare any medical condition that could impair your ability to drive. This will be treated with complete confidence, and will allow me to fulfil legal or moral obligations.

E – Eyesight – You must be able to read a number plate from 20.5m away (67 feet) by normal eyesight or using your glasses (if you usually wear them)

F – Forgotten things (left behind after lessons) – I’ll try & return any possessions, but when push comes to shove, I can’t accept liability for personal property left in my car

G – Going out the night before? You must be in a fit state to drive my car. I reserve the right to cancel a lesson (and will still expect full payment) if I suspect that you are under the influence of alcohol (or anything else).

H – Happy people learn better – I make lessons fun. I also have my fare share of nervous drivers but they seem happy enough no

I – Insurance – My lesson fee includes appropriate insurance cover whilst driving the school vehicle (as long as you’re licensed to drive, and are under direction of a DSA Instructor/examiner).

J – Jargon – It’s my job to make driving simple so you learn quickly. I use a series of acronyms to help you remember things, but if you hear any jargon which you don’t understand, please shout at me!

K – Kommitment [spelling never has been a strength]… Learning to drive needs commitment. This means practice between lessons, and a willingness to take on loads of new information. I commit to making it fun you commit to turning up and learning.

L – Licence – You must bring your current license (either provisional or full) to the first lesson.

M – Mobiles…must be switched off before getting into the vehicle (safety reasons).

N – Nonsense… [to check you’re paying attention]

O – On time – If you’re not at our agreed meeting point within 10 minutes of the lesson start time, the lesson will be abandoned and you will be asked to pay for the abandoned lesson(s) before further lessons can be booked. If I’m late (e.g. heavy traffic) I will use my own fair discretion to ensure that we make up any time lost.

P – Payment – will be requested at the beginning of each lesson. Where an intensive course is booked, full payment is needed before or at the time of the 1st lesson, by cash or cheque (bank card details on reverse of cheque please).

Q – Quality – I’m always keen to understand whether you’re happy or not with the service – after all you’re the customer. Please tell me if you spot anything that you feel didn’t go so well for you so I can improve on this.

R – Referrals/Refunds – If you refer a pupil to me I will reward you with a free One & a Half-hour lesson once the
referred pupil has completed 9 lessons – reliably. We will refund the pupil after 1st lesson if they are not satisfied on the condition the head instructor agrees with there complain, this is at his discresion. This can only claim by ringing Darren Jackson Owner of Promotion on 07846318998 within 24 hour after the lesson has taken place.

S – Signing up – please sign the dotted line at the end…

T – Time Limit to Freeze Block Bookings/Voucher Redemtion – If you’ve bought over 2 hours of Driving lessons in advance, there is a 3 calender month time limit in which those credits will be frozen before it is deemed they are void and the cash will be forfit to Promotion School of Motoring. Any moneys returned will incur a £20 Admin Fee. Vouchers must be redeemed within 3months of purchase or they will be deemed void.

U – Using my motor – I reserve the right to withdraw the use of my car for your driving test, if in my opinion, you are still not ready for test (or your driving is potentially or actually dangerous).

V – Variations in lesson fees – I reserve the right to change my hourly rate. You will always receive a
minimum of 4 weeks’ prior notice of such changes Where you have block-booked and paid for all lessons in
advance, I will honour your hourly rate for 3 months after any price increase. Lessons outstanding after this
time will be subject to the fee increase and a pro-rata top-up required.

W/X – Wobblies/Extenuating circumstances – If your child/dog eats your cash point card or you haven’t been paid this week, whilst I’ll be very symathetic, I must still ask you to pay for your lessons. You wouldn’t order a Macky D’s and expect them to let you off now would you? My business is no different.

Y – Yes – I do like country music..

Z – Zebra [to check you’re still awake]

Mock Test – Test ready:

Pro-motion – Actively encourages all pupils to make use of our mock test service. Its a great way to prepare you for the real test and means you dont have to learn the hard way on the day of your test. Our mock is conducted in place of a usual lesson, by your instructor and provides a fair assesment of your test standard.

2nd Test – on us.  If you do not pass first time, pro-motion will pay for your second test with us, subject to the conditions below:]

  • Passing a mock test is not a guarantee that you will perform well on the day of your real test. In the event you pass your mock driving test(s) but fail your 1st real driving test, your Pro-motion instructor will review reasons for failure and take responsibility for booking your ‘2nd Test on us’ when he/she feels you are ready to try again, and subject to the remaining conditions below.
  • Before taking your ‘2nd Test on us’, you must meet the required standard in 3 further mock tests with Pro-motion, so we are satisfied that you are at test standard before entering for your 2nd test. If your Pro-motion instructor feels you need more mock tests, he/she will arrange as many as you require to prepare you for your real driving test. Mock tests are conducted in place of normal lessons at the usual lesson fee.
  • After your 3rd attempt at a mock driving test, your Pro-motion instructor is entitled to refuse further mock tests and suspend the ‘2nd Test on us’ offer, if he/she feels there are still areas of your driving performance that need work. For example, consistent failures in parallel parking or judgement at roundabouts.
  • To qualify for our ‘2nd Test on us’ offer, your mock driving test(s) should be conducted as close as possible to the driving test operating hours. This is to ensure that you are familiar with traffic volumes and flows at the chosen time of day. Your Pro-motion instructor will be happy to conduct a mock test 7:30am – 6:30pm Monday to Friday. If you would like a mock test out of these hours, please check with your Pro-motion instructor if the ‘2nd Test on us’ offer still applies. Weekend mock tests may be charged at extra depending on instructor availability.
  • The ‘2nd Test on us’ is a one-off offer, so your Pro-motion Instructor and not the driving school will only pay for your 2nd driving test. In the unlikely event you fail your 2nd test, our instructor will not pay for subsequent attempts, however we will continue to support you with our mock test service to help you further in subsequent attempts.
  • If you are unhappy with how your mock test was conducted, please report it immediately to our Principal Instructor on 07846 318998. If you wait until after you have taken your real driving test, we cannot provide a refund or concession.
  • If you are a new pupil joining us from another school at short notice before your driving test (with 16 hours or less), there may not be sufficient time to schedule a mock driving test. There may be other learning priorities for you which we feel need to take priority, or the instructor simply may not have enough free diary time. If you have come from another driving instructor or school at short notice (16 hours or less before your 1st test), you are NOT eligible for our ‘2nd Test on us’ offer, as the way in which you have been taught the syllabus may mean that we cannot correct previous instructor omissions within the time available before your test.
  • Before taking a mock test you should be fully competent on at least 80% of the driving test routes in your chosen test area. Your instructor will maintain a record of competency across the syllabus and test route knowledge, and will share it with you well in advance of a mock driving test.

Test & Learn cycle – the best way

Becoming stronger through mock tests is the best way to learn. It makes best use of your lesson fees AND builds confidence. Seeing your mock test report in black and white helps you face up to weaknesses and makes you a far better driver.

Your Pro-motion instructor will always use official driving test routes on a mock test, but as your level of driving improves, he/she may increase the difficulty of the mock test by including extended test route options, to challenge drivers more fully in preparation for their test.

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