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Instructor Training Costs and Information

Our Trainer:

At Gold Exclusive Level you will be trained by our expert Matt Stone, a driving instructor trainer with 11 years’ experience. Having trained driving instructors since 2006 Matt has helped a long list of people to reach their goal of becoming a fully qualified driving instructor. Begin your journey today and start enjoying the freedom and satisfaction this job can give you.

Our training courses are simple, affordable, flexible and successful.

Qualification Process:

Our advice would be to follow the link below to find out whether you are able to become an Approved Driving Instructor.

You can also find out all the information you need on what the procedure is to become a driving instructor on our Training Information page.

Once you have looked through the information on becoming a driving instructor you are ready to talk to us about your training course.

Time Scales:

We run our courses to suit the individual. If you have the time to take your training quickly then we will fast track you with a realistic timescale of 3 to 4 month being achievable.

If you are training around work and family commitments then anything between 6 and 12 months is quite normal.

Prospective instructors will be offered a permanent placement with Pro-motion on completion of training (subject to quality assessment)

Instructor Training Costs

  • Bronze
    Pay As I Go!
  • Just £500.00 for full Part 1 theory training and 10 hours of Part 2 in-car training. The rest of your training is paid for as you go along
  • Advanced Driving Test Training (Part 2) – £35.00 per hour
  • Test of Teaching Ability Training (Part 3) – £35.00 per hour
  • Part 3 Rescue Training – £35.00 per hour
  • This option gives you complete flexibility.
  • Telephone and email support
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  • £500
  • Silver
    Value Pack
  • 300 hour syllabus including 48 hours with a trainer
  • Instructor Handbook
  • Highway Code
  • DSA Question Bank
  • Theory CD
  • Telephone and email support
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  • £1,499
  • Gold
    Exclusive Pack
  • Theory course including £150 worth of course material, all DVSA recommended reading books, online theory practice and our exclusive training manual. Compiled & set up by Matt Stone.
  • Advanced Driving Test Training (Part 2) and (Ability to Teach Test Training (Part 3) with up-to 60 hours one to one training. Split as you wish between Part 2 and Part 3.
  • Phone and email support
  • This option saves you £150 on the same amount of training as the ‘pay as you go’ option.
  • Use of vehicle for tests is included within the course hours.
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  • Assessment on theory, practical and teaching ability
  • DSA tests
  • 15 days training either one-to-one or two-to-one
  • Use of vehicle for tests
  • £2,100

Test fee costs:

Part 1 Theory Test – £83.00
Part 2 Driving Test – £111.00
Part 3 Instructional Ability Test – £111.00

All prospective driving instructors trained by us will be offered a franchise with Promotion Driving School (subject to quality assessment)

If you have any questions about our Driving Instructor Training, call Pro-Motion on 07846 318998 -
we will be happy to help!